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Project Description

Young Courageous Women

As part of the League’s mission, we serve Young Courageous Women who are entering grades 6-8, from middle school through college that are looking for ways to learn valuable leadership skills, gain volunteer hours for scholarship opportunities, and connect with mentors / internships.

Studies have found that when young women lack confidence and support, they miss out on critical life skills necessary for leadership.

The League helps young women become leaders by providing programs and mentorship that address gaps in their development. By engaging young women, the League is a driving force for changes as we build a community with strong leaders for future generations.

As Young Women enter middle school, they face increasing social pressures to fit in. They hold back their creativity, their opinion, and leadership skills. Many of these Young Women lose interest in their sports or clubs, simply because they feel like it is “for little girls” or “not cool”with their friends. They miss out on critical life skills such as teamwork, compassion, and communication, leaving them more susceptible to becoming victims of bullies and developing self-image issues.

Our organization provides these Young Women with adventure retreats that are designed to inspire them to create their own future, get engaged in sports, social activities and clubs, as well as build a diverse network of friends. We want to connect these Young Women to build a stronger peer-level support network to help each other respect differing opinions, while offering advice and encouragement through what can be an isolating time. Through these connections, we are opening up the door to individuality for future scientists, musicians, doctors, dancers and executives.

We offer our Young Women weekend adventure retreats that are one to three nights in length. During these retreats, the Young Women will go through a series of hands-on team building activities designed to challenge them physically and emotionally. Our goal is to expand awareness of how their choices and actions impact others,so they can grow as future leaders.While it is important to Young Women to connect with their peers, we also believe this is  a critical age for them to learn about the power of mentors and role modeling from our Distinguished Leaders. Through a series of themed adventure retreats, Young Women will be matched with mentors to share ideas and open career possibilities.

For more information about our program please email [email protected] or visit our registration form here.

Did you know that only 44% of 8-10 year old females want to be leaders? And it drops to…
when these girls reach middle school.

Membership Objectives

Be inspired to get engaged in sports, social activities and clubs.

Builds a strong peer-level support network.

Create a vision of the future.

Courageously set and achieve three goals to improve their relationships, performance at school, and contribute to a better community overall


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