2019 Better Money Habits Post Event Recap

Thank you for joining us Saturday, March 30th, 2019 for Better Money Habits powered by Bank of America, in partnership with Kahn Academy, presented by Julie Schmelzle, Jamie Andersen, Carlos Rodrigues, and Mercedes Fonte.

The League had an eager group of young women ready to learn more about how good financial planning is the key to achieving financial security.

Helping people manage their financial lives and understand how to build better money habits is at the heart of what Bank of America does as a company. They do this by connecting our customers, clients, employees and communities to the tools, resources, products and education they need to help achieve financial goals. This work includes our partnership with Sal Khan and the Khan Academy to offer BetterMoneyHabits.com, an innovative approach to learning complex concepts through simple and approachable content. This work also includes our long-standing support to deliver financial education in our communities through nonprofit partners and employee volunteers.

Special thank you to The Naples Women’s Club and Bank of America for their sponsorship of this event, as well as Chicos for their generous donations of accessories.